Principal's Message

This is a school where Christian parents can trust that the school will support, not attack their values and beliefs.
— Principal - Brett Munro

It has been my privilege to be the Principal of Glenvale Christian School since the beginning of 2016. 

As we start 2023, I am thrilled to be working with excellent teaching staff and together, we look forward to facilitating quality learning.  I am also thrilled to see that we are continuing to attract families who align with our vision for education and as we start the 2023 year, we have over 150 students enrolled for the first time in our history.  

As the name suggests, Glenvale Christian School is a school that provides an education with an overtly Christian culture. This is evident in all teaching and learning that happens. This is a school with a strong sense of community. Parents and staff are dedicated to providing a quality education, with a distinctly Christian perspective, for the students who attend.

What is Glenvale Christian School like?

The heart of this school is shown by the heart of the staff. The teachers and support staff are dedicated Christians, who genuinely care about their students. This is demonstrated every day. Our staff are committed to continually reflecting on their professional practice and to providing rich learning experiences for all of our students.

Parents and families at Glenvale Christian School are committed to an education underpinned by Christian values. This is a school where Christian parents can trust that the school will support, not attack their values and beliefs. Glenvale Christian School is focused on partnering with parents as they actively participate in the education of their children. Our school has a very high percentage of Christian families, which means that our Christian culture is strong. 

Students at Glenvale Christian School are encouraged to take risks, to learn to work together, and to be unafraid of getting things wrong. Making mistakes is an important part of learning, and in this supportive environment, students can get things wrong, without fear of criticism or humiliation.

How is Glenvale Christian School different to other schools?

All subjects in the academic program are framed within a Christian Worldview. Teachers and students explore each subject and view of the world, based on our beliefs in God's Word, the Bible.

Why choose Glenvale Christian School for your children?

If you value an education that supports Christian values, then Glenvale Christian School will provide that environment for your children and your family.

If you are a parent who wishes to partner with school in your child's education, Glenvale Christian School will provide those opportunities. From supporting your child in their literacy development by reading with them at home, or supporting this numeracy development by practising number facts, there will be avenues for you to be involved.

If your child is ready and willing to explore and discover their understanding of this world and place in this world in an engaging and exciting Christian learning environment, then Glenvale Christian School is an excellent choice for your family.

Brett Munro


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