School Overview


The Toowoomba Christian Parent Controlled Day School Association Inc. (Qld) was instituted in 1991.  Since it was formed, the Association has worked to develop a school which provides children in Toowoomba with an education that is based on God's infallible Word, and which is an extension of the Christian home.

Originally, most of the parents involved with the Association already had children in various church schools. Feedback from these schools indicated that the pressure of enrolments and waiting lists suggested it was a good time to look at beginning another Christian school in Toowoomba. The Board believed that because of the direction in which Toowoomba was developing, it would be best to establish such a school on the western edge of the city, namely Glenvale.

In 1993, the Association was successful in receiving provisional approval from the Commonwealth Government for funding for a new school. However, this offer lapsed as the school did not commence at this time. In 1996, the Association was successful in receiving approval from the Toowoomba City Council to begin Glenvale Christian School in 1997. Application for Commonwealth Funding was again made, and was successful.

On 28th January 1997, Glenvale Christian School opened its doors to students for the very first time in the church building of the Toowoomba Christian Reformed Church, which is just up the road from the schools current location. By God's grace the school continued to grow and so plans were made to find a permanent location for GCS. After much hard work and dedication by the incumbent board, parents and association members, the school purchased its current site on 19th Oct 2001. The school continued to expand and in March 2003 the first works began on site. Over the ensuing years, the school has grown considerably from its humble beginnings of a single de-mountable classroom block to what you see today.

The 20th Anniversary of the school was celebrated in 2017.

During 2020, the school refurbished the classrooms, updated its logo and refreshed the website.  

As the school heads into 2021, there are 140 students, 10 teaching staff, and a vibrant and growing community who are continuing to rely on the grace of God and celebrate life and learning

During 2021, the Toowoomba Christian Parent Controlled Day School Association celebrates its 30thanniversary.


The mission of Glenvale Christian School is, with humble reliance upon the grace of our sovereign God, in order to assist Christian parents to fulfill their educational responsibility, and complementing the work of the Christian Church, to nurture our students in the fear and admonition of the Lord and to develop towards full potential the gifts, skills, talents and creativity which the Lord has given to each student.

The goal of this nurture is so that our students may:

  • Individually confess Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour
  • Determine to follow and obey Him in all areas of life throughout all their lives
  • Mature emotionally, morally and socially
  • Grow in knowledge and self-discipline
  • Be prepared for further learning and for their life's calling
  • Develop in their responsibility for, and enjoyment of, life in God's Kingdom
School Values

One of the strengths of Glenvale Christian School is that all members of the school community are clear about the values we share. These values provide a foundation for the expectations we hare for the way we relate to one another, demonstrated in the way we behave and communicate together, in all aspects of school life.

The values we have in the school clearly transfer into the home also. These values can easily be adopted and continued by parents to teach their children not only how we should behave and relate to one another, but also why it is important to do so.

The six core values outlined below are referred to the Archer Values.

As a school, we use this system so that students, staff and parents are clear about how God's Word outlines the values we should strive to demonstrate to one another, both at school and in our homes.

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