Why Choose Glenvale Christian School?

Today more than ever, our children need an education which is Christ-centred, allowing the child to grow academically and spiritually in an environment of care. Christian education is about engaging with the world and preparing students for lives that reflect, serve and honour God. It is about acknowledging God in every subject area and in every area of life.

Glenvale Christian School endeavours to make the classroom an extension of the Christian home by creating a partnership with parents that embraces Christian values and is based in a Biblical Worldview. While providing a sound academic program, the values and morals that are upheld in the home are reinforced. This provides the opportunity for maximum learning through a secure and stable classroom environment.

Glenvale Christian School employs competent and caring Christian staff who model and impart Christian values in a prayerful, secure and progressive environment, partnering with parents by building strong relationships with their children. Teachers actively guide the educational development of the 'whole' child - academic, physical and spiritual. All teachers are fully qualified professionals and are active, committed Christians. All staff, including ancillary staff, are committed to the vision and mission of the school.

Glenvale Christian School has excellent classroom facilities with exceptional classroom resources for quality learning. The classroom environments are well maintained, with heating and cooling air conditioning in all classrooms. Teachers prepare Parent Curriculum Summaries each term so that parents can be aware of the content that is being taught in each subject area for the term.

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